San Antonio

San Antonio

1414 South Alamo Street   •   San Antonio, TX 78210   •   210/277-7045
Happy Hour

Monday — Friday:
4 PM — 8 PM


Monday — Friday:

7 AM — 2 AM

Saturday — Sunday:

8 AM — 2 AM



Upcoming Events

From 05/25/2015 Thru 07/15/2015

New Artist Jean Pierre Verdijo


First Friday 06/05/2015

Cool Cat Charlie will be playing the Stella Patio,

The Vinyl Ritchie's will be playing Halcyon.


June 11th and 25th

Odie Wallace.


As always every Sunday night we have Claudette, and the last Monday of every month we have open mic night.

Guest Roaster of the Month


We love the guts in a cup of fully developed coffee. We love the subtleties that speak to its place of origin. We seek to find the balance that exists between these two. Whether we're talking about an ethereal Yirgacheffe or a hefty Sumatra, our coffees taste the way they do because of where they are from and how they are roasted. We look for the sweetest spot possible in every coffee we roast. The Dalai Lama. The Mona Lisa. The Great White Buffalo. Name your own enigma. Ours is coffee and we hope you will end up believing that, though few things in life are perfect, we make a damn fine cup.